Are you looking to source food grade PET jars, Closures or PET bottles for your products?

Or is your requirement to get the finest quality preforms, so you can make your PET bottles closer to your bottling plant?

Then, what you need is a company of repute, with long standing credibility in the industry, known for their superior quality work and timely supplies. A partner who understands you and your needs thoroughly! A firm that you can bank on! An organization that will respect you more than anyone ever has! A team that guards your interests and confidentiality!

And…….Yaash Enterprises is the answer to all your plastic needs!

We have several amazing success stories at Yaash in our 22 years of experience in manufacturing and supply that will give you an idea of what Yaash Enterprises really stands for!

We possess the knowledge, the skills, the experience, the people, the machinery and the passion to achieve, nothing but excellence in plastic forms.

Our most favourite story, that we love to share over and over again, is that:  All our clients since inception, remain our clients after 22 years of our journey together. True to this trust and the promise of Yaash, we have carried out hassle free deliveries for over 2 decades. Every delivery, since inception, has been defect-free, on time and cost effective. Our association continues to flourish because we have earned the faith and blessings from all sectors, specially our customers and employees. Moral of the story, choose Yaash Enterprises and stay rest assured.

Another story is that of a well-known bottler. About 10 years back, the sourcing manager at a bottling plant reached us, looking to procure high quality preforms. The requirement was to further stretch the moulds into three types of bottles, for three different product lines they owned. What they were seeking, was a reliable quality supplier at reasonable cost. Having tried nearly half a dozen sources for procuring their preforms, it was at the end of their search that they discovered that… Yaash has it all!  Needless to say, that ever since, we’ve been happy partners growing together for over a decade now.

The unquestionable quality of our products and our unwavering commitment to meeting every single client’s needs sets us apart.

Yaash Products and Services


We combine the right combination of resins, our technical expertise and the fine-tuned configurations of our machinery to create the most optimum products for our customers.

Our Commitment

We strive to be the partner who invests in developing designs to suit customer needs and create elegant products with economy. We pride ourselves in unmatched customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction in everything we do, always.




We went above and beyond to create a fantastic experience. Perfectly crafted to suite your packaging needs
with almost unlimited options to get unlimited options

We are a small scale industry that delivers big scale promises. We specialize in manufacturing PET products like Food Grade Jars, Bottles, Closures and Preforms. We are proud that we most definitely walk the hall of fame alongside our customers. We have earned a reputation of being the undisputable leader in the plastic production space, in and around Maharashtra. Catering to varieties of plastic outcomes and requirements with dignity and finesse, this is a single, yet most exclusive platform, for all exceptional quality plastic goods.  

Yash Enterprises has engineered several unique and proficient end-to-end processes, prudently established, to first understand your needs thoroughly and then make suggestions based on that and their practice, to give you the most desirable return on your investment.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers…” – Seth Godin

We strive to be the partner who invests in developing designs to suit customer

From design selection or creation, to supplying extraordinary quality, defect free and cost effective plastic yields within committed timelines, most certainly makes Yaash the most preferred plastic making option.

We have benchmarked our customer service levels to an all new high…. and continue to prioritize our customers like none other.  An unmatched quality assurance prepended to our unparalleled customer centric approach ends your search for an unswervingly reliable plastic packaging solution.

Look no further… if it’s plastic, it has to be Yaash Enterprises!