While Yaash claims its position of the preferred supplier of PET Jars, PET Bottles and Preforms, it is not far behind with the manufacture of caps and closures required for these PET containers. So, what are plastic caps made of? These are made of a plastic that is different from the containers, essentially due to its function of sealing, chemical stability, air tightness and the required stiffness and strength of material. Yaash PET bottle caps and jar lids are made essentially of PP and HDPE and rightly so.


All product quality ties back to fitness for purpose and intended use. And that is no different in case of plastic caps and closures. Plastic caps and closures industry in India, is now mature and also adopts international standards including FDA, WHO, etc. It is therefore important to accurately define your closure requirements precisely, to drive the quality you are seeking.

  • Chemical, microbiological, biological and stability attributes
  • An extraction profile defined by the level of extracts obtained from a packaging material, if required.
  • Composition of plastic closures with respect to contact with specific type of drug or pharma product; i.e. compatibility vis-à-vis biological reactivity.
  • Define physical attributes include strength, safety, flexibility and purity
  • Impermeability to gases and vapours
  • Non-absorptive
  • Protection from light, water vapour and reactive gases

Sterility and durability requirements

  • Leakage proof
  • Tamper proof
  • Compliance requirements
  • Minimizing waste
  • Ease of Use.

With high strength-to-density ratio, excellent resistance to chemicals, good vapour barrier, though poor gas barrier, besides being sterilisable via gamma radiation (depending on the requirements of packaging), HDPE (high density polyethylene) is an ideal material for caps for multiple uses. HDPE’s chemical resistance means it is not attacked by strong acids, bases, gentle oxidants and reducing agents and also does not absorb water.

The high melting point of PP (polypropylene), its inertness to water, detergents, acids and bases, fatigue resistance and lower density than HDPE, adapt it very well to cap manufacturing besides a multitude of other applications.


Plastic caps and closures are an essential entity of packaging. While they come in various shapes, forms, colours, they are variably made of PET, PP HDPE and LDPE and more popularly HDPE and PP.

Both these polymers prove to be heroes in the recycling world as well, with of course, under some constraints of not necessarily mixing with some other plastics.

Besides, the types of caps are many too; threaded plastic caps, snap-on plastic lids for jars, plastic lids with handles, and more.

As a highly reputed manufacturer of PET containers like Jars and Bottles, Yaash entered cap manufacturing in 2010. Yaash started PP caps and closures as a new line of manufacturing and became a one stop shop for buyers of PET bottles and jars along with the requisite closures.

While specific and measurable guidelines for the functional attributes of closures exist as per as FDA, WHO and other organizations, the qualitative attributes often depend upon the ingenuity of design and manufacture.

Yaash Enterprises is one such Plastic Caps and Closure Manufacturer that brings you the right design at the most cost-effective price point alongside its plastic bottles and jars made to the finest standards with deliveries executed on time always.