PET bottles have long relegated glass as a bottling solution to the background. Businesses and users continue to make choices regarding packaging water, beverages, and liquids, in general. It therefore only helps to elucidate the reasons PET is preferred for making bottles, the specific applications and its lifecycle. As a company manufacturing PET bottles and jars for the last 22 years with consistent quality and reliability, we not only know and understand the material, but also the intricacies of manufacturing this product.


The essential purpose of any packaging is to protect and secure the product it contains and transport it safely, retaining the properties of its contents until the point of use. Today, amidst concerns of environmental protection, packaging also needs to be sustainable in every which way so it leaves a low carbon foot print through its lifecycle

PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is a polyester resin. The reason it is called polyester, it is in fact the same resin used in fabric applications. When used for packaging, it is more commonly referred by the abbreviation of its chemical name, PET. Formed into plastic bottles, it is in amorphous form, i.e. clear and transparent.

Until mid-20th century glass was the de-facto go to material for packaging of water, soft drinks and other edible products; be it milk, honey, ketchup, sauces, etc. With the advent of PET bottles this has completely changed and PET has proved not only stiff competition, but has eliminated glass bottles from some uses altogether.

Light weight, shatterproof and good impact to resistance; chemically inert and non-toxic, PET does not react with most acids and bases, and is resistant to microorganisms. It does not react with food either.

PET helps preserve the contents it holds. Technologies like oxygen scavenging additives and glass and carbon coatings enhance barrier properties. Yet, the inherent properties of PET itself score well above other plastics like HDPE and PLA. As a result PET maintains the freshness, colour and original composition of its content intact.


The use of PET is only limited by the imagination and you may recognize that PET has become rather ubiquitous in packaging several products. To name a few

  • Water, Carbonated and Soda Drinks, Milk, Honey
  • Ketchup, Salad Dressings, Sauces, Cooking Oil, Peanut Butter
  • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and other personal care items
  • High energy efficiency compared to glass and aluminum in manufacturing and transport
  • Outstanding recycling ability as per PETRA
  • Biologically inert, BPA free and approved as safe for food and beverages by FDA
  • Does not contain heavy metals like Mercury, Lead and Cadmium
  • Antimony Oxide used as a catalyst in PET manufacture has very low toxicity and therefore low risk

Though safe for food and edible products, over a long duration of time, there is possibility of degradation, especially in case of refill and reuse. The volume of plastic generated poses significant threat to environment.

Yet, given the packaging and logistics needs of the world today, PET bottle is still the start compared to its relatively energy inefficient cousins, glass and aluminum.


PET Bottles is one of our main lines of products.  Having retained our loyal customers and employees since inception, we’d say speaks volumes about our authority in the field, reliability in service and supplies underscored by the quality of our products. It also shows the trust our partners in business repose in Yaash Enterprises.

Yaash manufactures a range of bottles. You’d find many a manufacturer in directories online and offline for this low cost product. How many truly hit the mark, when it comes to matching the criteria that Yaash is excruciatingly disciplined about?

Yaash’s differentiator is its focus on specialization through its infrastructure and a highly experienced team. Stringent quality assurance and a close control on all in-house processes of production leads to a zero defect product.

While the moulds are outsourced to reliable and expert vendors, Yaash invests heavily in developing product designs. The attempt is always to bring to fruition the customer vision of the product. Sampling is done with different resin weights and production begins only after the sample is approved.

QA starts from the very sourcing of PET resin raw material and an audit of every single product being manufactured ensures defect free production. Any malfunctions are resolved before the product is marked as finished. As a result, the end product is nothing but a zero defect bottle. With this brief yet robust introduction of Yaash Enterprises and our main PET product, we shall be happy to answer further queries and provide detailed quote, should you get in touch with us.