Yaash Enterprises began as a small scale plastic & PET manufacturing company and have reigned supreme in this area of expertise for more than two decades now.

In 1995, when they resolved to embark upon this venture, glass, as a raw material was arduous to procure and there weren’t any players in the industry that could do better. The act of diving into this realm of PET & plastics was both an opportune and audacious move that proved to be more promising than imagined. Yaash Enterprises, kick started with a compact workspace located in Akurdi and now they have established another center in Shirval that is almost two folds in capacity and potential.

At this stage, an interesting story, of the making of Yaash enterprises, to leave you inspired, would have made a good read, but instead, we’ve opted to give you the candid one, on the road less traveled…the journey of this firm!

The product being PET , is a low value product and to use it as a replacement to glass is not a very sought – after choice. This organization has been built from the sweat of his brow, relentless toil and the tough grind to win over all that it took, from the founder and CEO, Ravi Agarwal himself. Overcoming such cons marked the beginning of a brand new era. There were no shortcuts to this fame! Beyond doubt, Yaash enterprises are one of the early entrants in the field of PET & plastic and they rule the market space in and around the city.




A promising substitute for glass packaging, PET had arrived. Yaash established its compact manufacturing unit in the western industrial suburb of Pune.

A Decade’s Journey

Yaash became the unassuming leader in the region. The journey allowed Yaash to not only test the waters, but also build its credibility and a loyal clientele.

Added New Products

Yaash became the leader in Quality PET Bottles, Jars and Preforms. PP Caps and Closures, a new line of manufacturing was added to ensure better services and 100% satisfied customers.

Expansion And Scale

Yaash added five-fold capacity to its erstwhile plant. A new plant was set up on the southern side of Pune, at Shirval. A true stalwart in quality and reliability, here to stay and grow.


Ravi Agarwal has a strong, able team, up-skilled to implement various processes established to ensure that the benchmarked product quality standards are conserved and sustained. These employees are responsible for the smooth & flawless functioning of all the different in-house departments, like their Manufacturing Unit, Quality Control and their Audit Division, on a daily basis. Visionaries of this domain usually bet around a 22% growth rate, but Yaash Enterprises rigidly and firmly opts to focus only on further elevating, the already accomplished parameters of customer delight levels. To consistently raise the bar on the customer happiness quotient, they have etched out ingenious operational procedures that assure both immaculate product quality and panoramic efficiency.


Yaash is a Sanskrit word which means success and they hold true to this semantic in every sense and for everyone involved from their employees to their valued clients. Their commitment of delivering their promise of success makes them, the indisputable PET business solution champion.



The single most important factor that Yaash Enterprises focuses on is the customer satisfaction level or the customer happiness levels, as they like to call it! While others choose to consider rise in profits as their sign of growth, this company takes pride in providing exceptional client experience, as their ultimate progress gauge. They have carefully established processes that ensure that every, of all their customers are more than just pleased with their Yaash interactions. The track record of, “Once a customer with Yaash …always a customer with us”, for the last 22 years, endorses this affirmation.


For starters, PET is a low cost product by default. When you add a superior quality assurance and a hassle-free, effortless transactional promise, to boot the low cost, the entire package is undoubtedly a total value for money deal!


When it comes to Business Ethics, Yaash Enterprises has earned a full score! Extremely high on all the traits of business ethics, this firm strives on idealistic principles. Their customers and competition will more that willingly vouch for the rich inherent morals that merit their public stature.


The commitment of delivering zero- defect products is not just a tradition, but also, a habit at this enterprise. They leave no stone unturned, to guarantee zilch flawed goods. Implementing uncompromising quality control and audit measures, divided into various stages to scrutinize the merchandise thoroughly, assures error free out-turns.


In the PET business, upholding confidentiality is a requirement that is absolutely mandatory…. if you wish to stay in the game! For these patrons, their choice of moulds is a brand maker and cannot be disclosed at any cost. Privacy is a hugely regarded facet in this industry and an interest that is safe-guarded at this firm.


Their colossal repository of unique mold designs offers infinite scope for a fitting selection but, let this inventory not limit you to its vastness; for a customer with a product vision outside of this, can easily bring it into existence within 15 days of signing up with Yaash Enterprises. The designing capabilities of this firm have the potential to bring out the creative flair within you.


With over two decades of know-how and product knowledge that is so comprehensive, team Yaash has their very own secret formula of success. The equation goes as follows: Thinner the wall thickness of the products [e.g. Jars], lower the weight of the jar & greater is the shine + lower is the cost per piece. In other words, keeping the wall thickness to a measurable thin, lowers the weight of the product, this in turn results in more shine and less cost per piece of the product. Now here’s the catch, merely knowing this formula doesn’t serve the purpose. The key lies in applying the formulation, while maintaining the strength, weight and consistent quality standards. Hence, this plan allows Yaash Enterprises to offer the best price in the market, without any compromises.


Besides setting realistic timelines right at the start, Yaash Enterprises also has a complete plan chalked out for meeting your timeline expectations. Word has it, that they have always exceeded buyer expectations on this front, making them the most, sort- after P.E.T business solution in the current market.


You may call him “an accomplished entrepreneur”, “a veteran stalwart”, “a doyen in the PET business arena”, or simply Ravi Agarwal. An eminent personality and yet is humble to the core. He’s the CEO and founder of “Yaash Enterprises”.

This PET venture began at a compact workplace, in Akurdi, in 1995 and he has been a “One man show”, leading the firm to an all-round success, ever since. His commerce background clubbed with his astute sense of business acumen has been essential to the growth of this enterprise. His strategic thinking has not just saved the day, innumerable times but has also earned him the respect he commands. His thorough product knowledge merged with hands on experience in the field will most certainly leave a remarkable impression.

When competitors come knocking at your door, so often, for guidance, it speaks volumes about you as the final authority and your success story!

Mr. Agarwal’s people skills are also spot on and the fact that his first recruit is still a part of his team, post 22 years, is proof enough to champion the claim. His heightened analytical skills are evident by the well-defined, end to end processes chalked out to optimize efficiency and guarantee impeccable product quality. Today, he has an up-skilled team of 15 dedicated employees and a workspace that has expanded in capacity and potential at another location at Shirval as well.

The process established to build the customer vision of the end product into reality, very aptly showcases both his creativity and the emphasis on customer gratification.

When asked, in an interview, the secret of his success, he righty summed it up by saying “We marry our customers!” This statement is a clear pointer to the fact that customers are revered and worshipped at this organization. It’s no wonder that once a customer with Yaash Enterprises, always a customer with them!